Effects of wars on us

In every war that occurs, I realize what has changed in our personalities, physically and mentally…

In the first war, 2008, my father was strong in all aspects, he could decide how and where to protect us, shouting at us, “Quickly, leave everything and run’. He divided us in two cars so that the potential of survival would be possible. He put me, my sister, my younger brother and my mother in a car while he and the rest of my family went in another car … The missiles were falling around us and we were looking behind us all the time to make sure that my other half of my family members had not killed by a missile yet. .
In that war, my only concern was for our home to survive, because I left my favorite memories in my room. I did not think of anything other than home.

In the 2012 war, I suffered from the reverse psychology and I laughed hysterically at the destruction. I did not think of our home surviving, I only thought of my room and dreamt of a still night and a very deep sleep without interruption by the explosions.
My father was somewhat tired of thinking about a way to protect us from missiles.

In the 2014 war I was afraid of everything, I no longer thought about our home. I forgot the home. I started thinking about my body, I discovered that my body was my home and I could not imagine losing my legs, my eyes, or any part of my body.
My father was getting old, he could barely run with his cane and he had decided to protect us in the shelter places which was one of the UNRWA schools.

In the war of 2021, I am afraid of the airplanes in Stockholm’s sky. I put my fingers in my ears so that I do not hear the sound of the trains. I’m too scared and worried about my family in Gaza …
My father is too old and has lost his ability to protect my family, so it’s my brothers turn to decide how and where to protect him and what is left of his memory.

In the next war, I don’t really know what will happen, I don’t know at all. I don’t want to know.


War does not need philosophy, or logic…
War is unfair and does not interpret anything…
War is always about lies, betrayal and death –
it has unlimited horrific attributes…
War is orange, red, blue and phosphoric lights
War is gas, cement, smoke and houses with their memories lost…
War is about closed airports and blocked crossings…
War is a man that just lost his mind and does not stop running towards hell …
War… War… War… War… Please, stop and terminate…


Help us to publish the TRUTH:

Israel claims through its own media channels and through western media that it warns Palestinian civilians prior to house bombardments, here are some comments on the issue:

First: not all residents of house targeted get warned, the Ghannam’s in Rafah are an example. The house was raided by three F16 missiles without prior warning. All in house were either killed or injured, including neighbors and neighboring houses.

Second: Israel claims that it first lunches warming rockets prior to houses’ bombardment, these warning rockets (highly destructive rockets) have killed people like Ahmad Jabari. Our neighbors in Shaboura camp was killed by a warming rocket only yesterday.

Third: the period between the warning call and the actual bombardment does not exceed three minutes. Not enough to wake up a sleeping child or a senior citizen.
Fourth: the mere warning indicates that Israel already knows that the targeted house if full with civilians.

Firth: the weaponry and missiles used are highly destructive and turn full house and close by ones into rubbles. Gaza is a highly condensed and highly populated area and its virtually impossible to have one specific target.

Israel is not only bombing houses, not only killing civilian people, but trying also to take our right of screaming