A celebration

In this special night, I found myself celebrating something unknown, and writing on a wall of my room these words: “Happiness lies in the fact of ourselves.” Indeed, I’m happy being myself, and I want to celebrate myself as Walt Whitman once celebrated himself. I want to be transparent like a glass in a window, to be courage like a lioness atop a remote mountain, to be a lover such a lusty Arab woman..

I was alone, only the world was sinking into a red wine glasses, you were celebrating Christmas, exchanging gifts with your family and your friends, dancing, eating and were wishing peace and love for your loved ones.

You are a Christian, I am a Muslim. But we are similar in the mind and heart.

On this lightened-up night, I’m going to write down my wishes on a small piece of paper. I know that you shall read it, my friends, my family.. I know, I know that well.. I’ll leave it to you in the living room, next to the television. Please, read my wishes quietly, don’t neglect them and don’t ask me why I’m celebrating myself, tonight.

Santa Claus won’t read my wishes, I don’t trust him, and don’t believe in a man wearing a red suit, has a white beard, and fly to the balconies and make the wishes come true ..

Before I celebrate myself, want to inform you that I’m a village girl, live in a humble house with a very conservative and educated family. My father owns a small farm contains three goats, chicken coop. My mother loves knitting. She is a good cook, as well.
Apropos of the previous:
– I don’t eat with a fork and knife. And if I must use them, they won’t properly used.
– I love reading and I take it as a ship and harbor for my thinking.
– I thank God because he didn’t grant my wish which was “make Gazadie”.
– Quantum physics is my a mental sport- in general, physics is my love story with the world.

After all what I’ve written, I’m going to celebrate myself.
Do not ask me “Why?” .

One thought on “A celebration

  1. this is awesome, kawther. i am most happy to get to know you in this way. celebrate yourself and me too, if you don't mind. we walk the same path under the same sky. sometimes i think only the politics are different, and most of that unfortunate.best wishes, keep writing♥kj


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