December 4, 2011

Smiles of friends lives inside me wherever I go, those friends that you can’t go on without them, you’ll feel lonely if you withdraw from them, and the regret will swoop down on you if you abandon them. Your friends who’re in order to help you in case of need, your friends that when you feel sad and phone them saying “I’m feeling not good,” they’ll be immediately come to you and make you happy.

It was Sunday, when we met at the university, where I studied Arabic literature, we chose a quiet place away from the students, so we sat under the trees, my memory has kidnapped and moved away from my friends.
In this university I spent the most beautiful days of my scholastic life, in the vast classes I had a numerous journeys of science and knowledge. Time was short so much that you couldn’t saturate with diving into the Arabic literature (a long talk on this subject). How time passed quickly ?.

My friends were gossiping around me, as I was regaining my memories.. and I couldn’t pull myself out the memories!!

It was Sunday, I forgot my memory hanging on a branch of a tree at that university. I took a photo of the place which I love, and then we left. We had our favorite breakfast that is sandwiches of falafel. We discussed many topics; the most important was “the future of the Arab revolutions and Arab women in the shadows of those revolutions”. “What a stupid,” I said. Arab women won’t be enough free by bringing down the dictators, we need many revolutions to free ourselves, a revolutions against patriarchy, against dark beliefs, against the fear that nested inside the Arab women, we need a revolution against everything!! .

It was Sunday, I remembered many things, and didn’t forget my wonderful friend, Kristin from Finland : ) .

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