Short Letter to My Father.

Dear father,

Now, I’m writing to you from Palestine, specifically from Gaza City. I write to you in English because I want my foreign friends to read my words and share me the same pining, it is true that my English is still funny, but it’s ok, they understand it well. My friends do not know anything about you, but they will soon know how much you are a wonderful Arab and Palestinian man.

Today, I sat a long time at your library, I skimmed over the huge encyclopedias and wiped the dust off your books, recorganized your library, I read a little bit in your book. I’m still wondering: How much are you educated!!. ‘ I want to learn from the depth of your experience in life.’

You are in the UAE, right now, have a good time with Hussam, Mariyam and Kheer, so tell me, how is life out Gaza?. I think it must be very strange and harsh such an extent that you would like to cry?. Gaza, the city that people migrate from it, I want you daddy to return to it as soon as, because Gaza have no happiness without you, and, I do not want to lose more of our family. Will you visit my brother Fathi in Germany?. I miss him very much .. I miss you All.. Ishtaqtilkum kiteer.
Dad, my brothers, my lovely sister, I want you to return to the house.. I miss the beautiful days with you.

Just if only I have wings, fly to everywhere, and get back the strangers to their home.

Please, do not leave Gaza forever .. Home without you dark and gloomy.
I’m waiting for all of you.

Salam from Gaza, Palestine.
Yours Kawther.

3 thoughts on “Short Letter to My Father.

  1. my sis . we r here now with my dad again after 6 years really can not bealieve how much i was missing my dad . and now. when i saw him in the first time i was goning to cry . but u know . i tried to catch my tears 😦 . coz i dont want thats my dad geting the same feeling . why i dunno :s any way . really i miss u and all of u there in Gaza. and dont worry . god(allah) is greart 🙂 one day we will be together again . where i dunno . i wish it soon as u wish it my sis 🙂 best regads from ur lovely dad. sis. bro . khair 🙂


  2. Yes yes Its long time my sister wallah ,we missed dady too much but now we are living as dream as afamilly he is the leader now as we where in gaza, i hope to come back with dady to gaza to see all the familly specially mom ,And now i want to say to you dont worry our dad good and happy here with his small familly of your brothers and sister , and we do the best to make him happy all the time(see you soon little sister)


  3. this is poigantly heart warming! loving your blog, dear! you're a budding writer!following you now ;)i hope you find time to come visit my blog and if you like, follow me back too? ;)


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