Dreamer Warrior

The recently freed prisoner is asleep on his first night at home. He wakes up on his first shining morning to his mother’s whisper in the kitchen..

His rejoicing mother warns everyone to walk quietly in the house so as not to rouse her son from his first dream in his white room.

The liberated son is still lying on his bed, wondering, “Where am I?, What is this strange place?”. He wants to leave his room, but he is very afraid of the door; doors terrorize his memory.

He puts his hand on the doorknob, hesitates as he opens the door, goes back to bed confused, thinking ” What are the jailers whispering about outside my cell?” His mother steps slowly into his room, amazed why her son hasn’t risen yet by this late hour of the day.

The house is still and happy. The family is waiting to have the first meal with her dreamer warrior.

2 thoughts on “Dreamer Warrior

  1. Kawther,This is simply an Amazing piece of writing. It is one of the best descriptions of the aftermath of PTSD that I have seen in some time, written poignantly and with such pathos and deep compassion. I would like to share it. I am so moved by it!Salam,Noelle


  2. hello kawther, this is very good. in a few sentences you have told a whole story.thank you for visiting my blog a while back. please stop by anytime and i will do the same. it seems were are both writers. i will like that.♥kj


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