Madam green and the love path

If the day starts with a good morning, then the rest of the day will really last on a positive vibe. I started my day by making American pancakes. It was my first time ever making pancakes and the result was tasty. I even made a different thing, I added cocoa to the last portion of the batter and that chocolate pancake became special and unexpectedly delicious! I actually wanted to make them for two years, when I visited a friend at her summerhouse in Stockholm and her husband made us American pancakes as unforgettable breakfast.

American pancakes

The kitchen got messy just after preparing the pancakes, I washed the dishes and left the cutleries to clean them later. I hate cleaning small things! They take longer time than washing pans! Trivial kitchen matters.

I had to rush up to go to meet a friend, the weather was around 24 °. I was very happy reading two and four, twenty-four! So definitely I wore summer clothes, first I wore a floral dress I bought from Mango, I felt relieved wearing light clothes without needing layers or jackets. But I decided to change the dress, because I felt like I was wearing a bed sheet or a curtain. It was too much colourful.

The place we went to was Djurgårdsbrunn, one of my favourites in Stockholm. There are many places I’m fascinated by and I love walking around them, Reimersholme and Långholmen are the most common places for me to walk.


We walked over the small bridge and there we could watch the magic of madam green. Everything wore the green colour after the long dark Swedish winter. We walked through a lovely path called ‘Kärleksstigen’, which means the love path. And on the left side of the love path we could see lazy cows eating grass, their huge amount of pats reminded me of my father’s cows. Once he bought two cows and since they made lots of pats, my father started selling the cow’s pats to the neighbours for their plants. And whenever a fight happened between us, the children of the neighbourhood, I was so proud to tell them ‘your dad bough a shit from us’. It was mean, but funny.

The love path

We stopped for a fika in the middle of nowhere, the toilet door didn’t open, it needed a coin. My friend and I had only cards. It was ridiculous to not be able to pee because of a coin! Anyway, it was fixed.

The day ended by Thai food and computer games! Good end, isn’t it?

More photos of the day:



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