I am alive after nine days of the Israeli Attack on Gaza!

I still don’t believe that the Israeli attacks on Gaza happened. It is incredible that I’m alive!. Everything happened like a long nightmare.. Each moment passed slowly, while my heart was beating too fast, and its pulses was like a bitter drops of water..

Was it a war?. I convinced myself that it was nightmare, and just now I got up. But I couldn’t tell myself a lie, and then living in a circle of lies. Yes, it was a war. And I wasn’t killed by that missile when it fired near my room..

When I say ‘I’m alive’, that doesn’t mean I’m full happy. Because many people were killed in that unfair battle, conflict, war, inhumane game.. call it as you see it. But I was in the bloody side,  I didn’t get out of that inner room for nine days, and I couldn’t sleep more than two hours every two days.. There were no shelters, and no healthy place to be protected. Look, it doesn’t matter. The major problem was the BOMBS.  One cannot accustomed to live in fear. And we, whether the Palestinians or the Israelis, will never get used to hear the sirens or the explosions.. That’s not a routine!.

The ceasefire was done after nine days of fighting. We don’t know how long will it last? And when will it collapse?. But we can keep our thoughts and feelings go straight towards peace, let’s try to do that. Tell your parents that the Palestinian just love their land and want to return to their homes in Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Jerusalem.. ect.  Call upon your friends in Israel to act, and stop blaming others. It’s time to build new peaceful country.

5 thoughts on “I am alive after nine days of the Israeli Attack on Gaza!

  1. I am relieved that you are still with us, and I cannot offer sufficient words for those who lost loved ones, family, friends, homes.

    Peace needs to remain, and people should be able to live freely and without fear.

    It is time, and it has been time for a very long time – it’s overdue.

    This is a new age, Kawther, where people can see news faster, and from more places, than at any time in history. Propaganda is still powerful but just remember, even if it feels like it – there are millions and millions of people around the world who hope for that peaceful country.

    In Rome:

    In Canada:

    In America:

    In Britain:

    In fact – ALL OVER THE WORLD – East and West:

    Majority of EU Countries want Palestinians to have their own state:

    Of the 193 member states of the United Nations, 131 (67.9%) have recognised the State of Palestine as of November 2012. Their total population is over 5.5 billion people – 80% of the world’s population.

    80%. 🙂

    The world is changing.


  2. Alhmadou li Allah ala salamtek Kawthar.
    It’s Great to read you again and to hear from you.. I can’t imagine how you guys lived under that brutal attack but our prayers and hearts were with you. Your patience will pay off.


  3. glad you are alive. hoping this ceasefire will last and all people on all sides will look towards finding lasting peace.


  4. Kawther dear,
    Thank you for sharing your experience. Your courage to have endured this inhumane and brutal incursion is beyond imagination. I was reading KMD’s response. It is true. So many nations, Kawther protested the war and the fact that there is now united recognition is a milestone in itself. Everyone has seen what Israel is capable of doing and they have lost the support of the international community to a great degree. Only the U.S., I am ashamed to say, still flags behind. But there are many groups within the U.S. who support you. Please let us know what supportive people in the U.S. and other countries can do to be most effective in your opinion. I am blessed to know you and so glad that you are well and your family also habibti.
    Salam xox,


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