The Morning Carrier

.La Revolution” by Valentine Cameron Prinsep”
At the time of revolutions
it has become easy for us to become heroes
to announce a president is dethronement
to recognize women’s rights.
At the time of revolutions
man will be remain a bull
woman will be remain a red mark
in each line
in each house.
When you get back from revolution
to your home
where the revolution is greater than a meteor:
your family is a government
your father is a president
overthrow your family
bring down the failed regime.
At the bottom of the soul
there is a silent drum
beat it now
rise from lethargy
rebel against fear
face your dark traditions
sound the drum
Voltaire did not die.

Written by: Kawther AbuHani.
Edited by: Hamish Montgomery, UK. 

2 thoughts on “The Morning Carrier

  1. Kawther! This powerful poem took my breath away. Perfect, and you chose the most astonishing painting for it. For personal reasons, this was extremely meaningful for me to read in this early morning hour. Thank you for the right words.


  2. wonderfully expressed Kawther. Powerful and electric words. Words are the architecture of thoughts that recreate our world each and every day. These in particular moved me:At the bottom of the soulthere is a silent drumbeat it nowrise from lethargyrebel against fear.Here is a well known poem by Joy Harjo, She is a Muskogee Creek Indian poet, and I have seen her read. She has many books published in the States.“I Give You Back”Joy HarjoI release you, my beautiful and terrible fear.I release you. You were my beloved and hated twin, but now, I don’t know you as myself. I release you with all the pain I would know at the death of my daughters.You are not my blood anymore.I give you back to the white soldiers who burned down my home, beheaded my children, raped and sodomized my brothers and sisters.I give you back to those who stole the food from our plates when we were starving.I release you, fear, because you hold these scenes in front of me and I was born with eyes that can never close.I release you, fear, so you can no longer keep me naked and frozen in the winter, or smothered under blankets in the summer.I release you I release you I release you I release youI am not afraid to be angry.I am not afraid to rejoice.I am not afraid to be blackI am not afraid to be white.I am not afraid to be hungry.I am not afraid to be full.I am not afraid to be hated.I am not afraid to be loved, to be loved, to be loved, fear.Oh, you have choked me, but I gave you the leash.You have gutted me but I gave you the knife.You have devoured me, but I laid myself across the fire.I take myself back, fear.You are not my shadow any longer.I won’t hold you in my hands.You can’t live in my eyes, my ears, my voice my belly, or in my heart my heart my heart my heart.But come here, fear.I am alive and you are so afraid of dying.


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