Memories of Love” by Natasha Sazonova”

She write :
” Today I’m the sad lover, the bad mind, the little woman.
 Bad things happen to my good day.
Cat roll a small stone in the street..
I want to break my mobile, this tool makes me sad and originally I’m sad..
Sun smiles at me and frowns, the city cries, I’m sure.
I want to drench my heart in a big glass of wine.. “
I write:
I’m going to write her a love story, I’ll put it on the balcony ledge, the angels will carry it to you. I know you’ll read it on the kitchen table, read it slowly, please, and then send me a message.
“In 1989 I was born,
In 2010 I loved a European man.
In 2011 I still love him.
In 2012 everything will end.
In 2013 the European man would say: ” You were a great, my girl.”
In 2014 he will tell his friends proudly: “I had loved an Arab woman once.”
In 2015 I will have finished writing my memoirs about an European man believed that I loved him in order to get out of my small city. In the last line I will write: “He was a wonderful man, was a man respects my brain then hits both of my body and my brain .. He was a man afraid of me too much, and very concerned about me, or rather about my love’s purpose (Are there an evil purposes in love?), he was thinking that I am using him, he was a very pure /poor European. I thought that the Arab man is different from the European man, but both are same .. they are human beings and both carry the same ideas.. the SAME DNA .” .
So the girl decided that the future of men will be bleary with a different masks.
– In 2011 the girl turned into a very large city.
– She still love him.

Written by: Kawther AbuHani.
Edited by: Suzan Algiri, England.

4 thoughts on “Men

  1. Kawther,you do write beautifully and your heart is in every word. You feel so deeply about everything and why not. You had dreams of leaving Gaza with this man and believed him to be different than he was, believed him to be your soulmate. Disappointment and deep sadness are a bitter pill. You are a sweet and intelligent woman, full of light and life. You are putting yourself out into the world through this blog and communicating with others. The universe will answer back. Here is a lovely poem from Rumi whom I adore:The minute I heard my first love story,I started looking for you, not knowinghow blind that was.Lovers don't finally meet somewhere,they're in each other all along.From Essential Rumiby Coleman Barksالسلام لكم,Noelle


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