Beautiful Days

From my window
In this small spot in this big world, Gaza lives and roses from the eyes of the dawn.. Sunrise at 6:00 Am and sunset about 18:10.

Nowadays, I  used to wake up at 10:00 Am, it is too late, of course!. Often people tend to rise about 7:00 Am; but if I do the same, I might get a long day with a lot of boredom, that’s my routine since I graduated from IUG university.

Here, we love coffee, make it in a small Arab pot with a green cardamom, for me, yeah, I love it!. In the morning, I make mine a cup of coffee and sip it with Fairuz songs (a famous Lebanese singer). The bad thing in my days is that I should comb my hair, and this task makes me grumble because I don’t like to remember that I have curly hair!!.

My daily routine depends on two things: Books and Love, if I lose one of them, my day will be unbalanced: Books give me the power I need, Love stimulates me!. Love is very important to keep you alive, it is the essence of life. Other than this there are my friends, specially: Nida’a, Ala’a and Nadia, we’ve been meeting in Gaza and talking with each other, they have a great stories, sometimes talking to me candidly with concern of writing down/ publishing their “personal stories”. Indeed, I would to do that, at least that will help somehow in knowing the reality of women’s life in Gaza; they are still my best friends anyway, always inspire me..

Friendships are based on cooperation and altruism, your neighbor is like your brother, such one of your family, it is really great when you open your window by chance with your neighbor at  the same time and greet him spontaneously with happy mien. In my city, all people are such a lovely beehive, you can not live without a good neighbor, otherwise you would be a stranger!.

Written by: Kawther AbuHani
Edited by: Ghosson Rahhal, Jordan.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Days

  1. You have a lovely view out your window. Green cardamom sounds delicious. I don't know that singer but I will look her up on you tube and see if I can find anything. I think the idea of writing down your friends stories is a good one or sharing them. I found an article about an exhibition that came out last year about just that. Here it is. I posted it on posterous on one of my sites about Gaza.


  2. I like very much this beginning of your life's story, especially when you talk about books and love… I agree totally with you, and I love the description about the neighbour.I'm also curious to know somethins else about Gaza's women life!Have a good day!


  3. I agree with all that you say, including the part about coffee. Here in the U.S. the spirit of neighborliness does not seem so great as it once was.


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