I Dream, Therefore I am

Palestinian embroidery pattern
Too many things hovers in my mind.. looking for a PhD scholarship, there’s many application for, but mostly false.. so I actually prefer waiting for my friend findings about a scholarship in USA and another one in Europe!, that sounds kinda crazy or rather pathetic when you give up the ” unseen” !.

Last night I spent my time awake, it was a bad wakefulness when I thought of a PhD scholarship, how can I get it? What will I do if I couldn’t get it?.. the important in that point that it is not right when one rely on someone in his work, achievements or dreams!.

“Ok”, I said seriously, I should do good things side by side with looking for a PhD scholarship.. Dreams doesn’t cease on only one dream you have; so I thought of other things, what about reading? Oh, my books are still on the desk, and there’s lot of novels I haven’t read yet.. and..?

So I phoned my friend, at 12 PM we met in a cafe in the downtown.. then we moved to a small coffee where you could find the quiet atmosphere, while we were walking in the street we heard a music emanating from the water truck, that music means to Gazian that the clean water seller is coming!. Remember: You cannot use tap water in your house for drink or cook, otherwise you’ll get diseases!.

There was nobody except the waiters!, beautiful coffee shop.. my friend Ala’a and I sat down.. our meeting was in order to learn the Palestinian Embroidery!, Ala’a began embroidering a flower on the scarf.. it was charming!. I was learned the Palestinian embroidery, and now I’m going to my own dreams.

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