Bright Spot

Fisherman onshore prepare hook-Gaza

I want to write something about Gaza, not bad; verily about its beauty. Most of stories that written about Gaza were filled of sadness and gloominess, you could read dozen of stories and articles about, just open Google and write “Gaza” and then tell me what would you find?, Oh! Wars? Kids bloods? Paupers? Orphans? Fishermen suffers from Israeli shooters?..

Here, in this Blog I will write a story every week, and will post it on every Sunday morning, it’ll be in English with some words in Arabic, especially in Palestinian dialect !

One thought on “Bright Spot

  1. I am looking forward to those stories, Kawther. I am sure that they will be beautiful. You are a fine writer! I am so glad that you found my blog and I found yours!Noelle


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