Lost by Google Maps

Last week I got email telling me that I have interview on Wednesday at a school located in Hjusta (Stockholm), the area is away from where I live and to reach it, I should ride the bus and the metro, it takes proximity 40 minutes.

Today I woke up two hours earlier than the appointment, I prepared myself happily and left home    with optimistic vibes. It was a little sunny and I could see how people were busy on that rush time in the morning when all go to their job places or schools… I missed the feeling of being an employee, productive and spending time at work.

The metro stopped at Hjusta station, there I got off and went out holding my phone and starting to check my GPS, it was 9:10 o’clock. I was glad because I arrived too early and I will spend some time exploring the area before going to the school since I knew that the distance from the station to the school will take only 10 minutes by walking.

I wrote the location on Google Maps and started following the directions, but after a while I stopped and found out that it will take long time until I arrive, I was wrong when I said it won’t take time to walk to the school. After a while I saw that Google Maps showed me driving directions instead of the walking ones! I changed it to the correct one and yet stayed working wrong, it wanted me to drive all the time, very ridiculous.

I got very stressed and annoyed, only 25 minutes left for the interview, I phoned Peter and told him with very upset voice that my GPS got crazy and I got lost in the area, he told me to calm down and will check on his phone for me… nothing happened and I gave up, went back to the station, Peter told me that I should phone the school and explain to them what happened, they will understand me, he said.

I downloaded another maps application on my phone and followed the directions, it showed me that it will take 10 minutes, it seemed logical as it supposed to be. I crossed a long bridge and by going down to the end of it I found the school. I’ve already knew that I’ll not get the job because I was late almost for 15 minutes, but at least I wanted to try, why not?

I interred the school, I could hear my wheeze when I was hardly breathing, I looked around me to find someone to talk to, then I saw a woman appeared and came down the stairs, I quickly said hej, she said hej back and disappeared behind classroom door, she was the boss as I saw on the school website and she was the one who supposed to interview me, but she only said hej, I wanted to talk.

I waited the woman close to that door until she appeared again and I said ‘I’m Kawther and I have interview, sorry for being late, I got lost in the area’. I want to continue talking and to explain, but she interrupted me saying ‘you are too late and there’s another person will be interviewed soon…’. I couldn’t talk anymore and said bye.

I was walking on the bridge and crying a lot, that woman was impolite and rude. She even didn’t want to listen to me, I wanted to show my respect and apology. How a woman who leads a school can behave like that, how does she treat her employees and the students? In that school, there’s a new generation of girls and boy!

I went back to home very disappointed by that woman’s behaviour, I was on the metro crying, I hated everything around me, all the positive energy I had in the morning have vanished and turned off like when a person just click on Off to not listen to the beautiful music. I wanted to back to my country, I felt so bad… and while all those desperate thoughts were invading me, I took my phone out of my pocket and took a picture of the stunning view of the fields under the bridge.

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