Memories Of Operation Cast Lead: December 27, 2008 – January 18, 2009

 Turn on your reaction,

 stand up for Gaza.

Those wars will never be drafted

those martyrs are not numbers

we are still present

strong like mountain.

White phosphorus bombs dropped on Gaza by the Israeli Air Force
White phosphorus bombs dropped on Gaza by the Israeli Air Force

27th of December, 2008. 11:00 AM

I was 18 years old. I was stressed and need to sleep too much, though I got up early to revise for my exam in Arabic inflectional morphology. Then I went to my university..   It was a sunny day, people were having their normal routines in my city. When I finished that exam, I left the university quickly to catch my friend and go back home together. Nothing was strange or dangerous!.

At the same day, at 11: 25 AM. Exactly when I entered my home, the Israeli massive and deadly explosions heard everywhere in Gaza Strip. My eyes watched warplanes when they began lunching air raids, and obliterated places in my neighborhood. The lights went out, and with the toxic smoke, we couldn’t breath. Everybody was absolutely terrified.

11:35 AM

Radio on, breaking news from my room:

Israel Started the war (Operation Cast Lead), they attacked 100 targets within a 3 min. At least 250  people have been killed so far.

OMG! They lost their mind. What is going, dad?.

The six day of Operation Cast Lead:

We, my family and I, moved to a flat in Tal Al-Hawa area. It was just indescribable. I was in need, I needed some sleep.. I haven’t slept for 30 hours. Suddenly there was a massive explosion. I’ve got glass in my hair and I heard my brother screaming “my ear hurts”. I heard people out in the street shouting things like I’m dying, my child is injured, please help me. I put my finger in my ear so that I couldn’t hear they anymore.. Very silent and my family was panicked..

After the hell:

I am now on one of Gaza’s pavements; from this point exactly the Red Crescent ambulance came and rescued us. The warplanes were striking the area. We hadn’t believed the pamphlets that they had dropped on us from the air. We were looking for any simple, common saviour. We did not believe the pamphlets that had ordered us to evacuate the area, but they [the Israeli warplanes] fired at us. The sky was raining bullets, and the sea opposite our home had turned into the fire of hell on Judgment Day… The people of the area gathered at the Abraaj Al-Kramah roundabout, and the cars and ambulances started to rescue us. I was afraid, terrified – but not because of the explosion which reverberated near me, but because of my book which I had seen recite poetry… Lorca, Lorca, Lorca…Who is the soldier whose glance killed me then? Was it a kiss, a rose, or a glance doing the work of a revolver?

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