The theater of basil's murder

The best-man who gave a kind speech mixed with a few funny words about his friend and his new wife, was the same one who is standing now in front of the couple themselves. But this time not to celebrate them, or to stop them living in sin. He was standing to end that woeful dialogue between Maria (the wife) and him. Christian looked at the small bucket of plant, it was filled with sand, and almost sinking in water..” I will buy you a new basil plant, sweethe..” he directed his words to Maria. But his talk interrupted by the best-man, saying “Yes, yes, and I will not interfere in life or death of any thing in your house when you are absence.”

Christian pat on his shoulder, saying, “You had nothing to do with the death of our plant. Perhaps death hides  a life for something new. You will be the core life in our house forever.”

 Maria was crying over that died basil, her exaggerated attitude troubled the best-man.. she stopped crying for a moment and said with a subdued voice “You are the cause of that, look, Christian, at the roots, they are submerged in water.” Then  she followed sneering “Our wonderful best-man has known how to remove sin from our basil as well, but apparently he has killed it.”

 Christian left the kitchen, where the theater of basil’s murder. the best-man was confused before the angry Maria, he didn’t know how to act, as it seemed the silly conversation with the wife will never end .. A few minutes later, Christian’s voice came from the balcony opposite the sea, he called them out, took out his wedding album as they sat down .. He directed his words to Maria “you have to be gentle with him, he always looks after our house during our absence, do not be harsh.” But she was still angry!.

Maria’s eyes tumbled on one of the pictures of the wedding album, the best-man was holding her hand, also Christian’s hand, while ending his speech with some words from the Bible.

(But how can one keep warm alone?..ect)

 She smiled for that picture, then she left the balcony, saying, “I’m going to make some tea.”

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