Why was Gaza Sea angry ?

Lonely Child © Kawther AbuHani

Hot morning

We, my father, my sister Rose and I, agreed to go to the sea at five o’clock, in the morning. I was not excited about that journey, because the time will be very early, and I will wake up sluggish. So, it’s not a good time to go to the sea and enjoy.

In the morning, I woke up, the sun was shining, rays penetrated the glass window burning the skin of my left arm.. looked at the clock, it was 10 am!!. I got surprised, and wondered, “did my father and Rose go to the sea without me?”. But after  minutes,  their voices came out from the living room.

It was a hot morning, so we did not go to sea.

– “I’m lucky”.

Why was the sea angry

Days later that hot morning, my father went to his farm holding a book, and we, Rose, Mohi (my younger brother) and I, went to the sea.

In a hurry, we bought nuts and took a taxi to the sea.

There, the sea was very stunning, it could entices you to draw, or to sing, or even to make love. I thought, what happens if life got only a Blue color.. Imagine: if our ideas have a Blue sky for a swarm of Blue butterflies.

Rose laughed at me like a playful princess, saying, “put your fantasy aside and let’s go to a boat ride.”

The owner of the boat did not allow us to ride if we don’t pay for him three Shekels per person. I said to my brother “Unfortunately, we don’t have enough money.” I said to the man, “we only have two Shekels per person .” Did not agree.

Frankly, I relieved and delighted, because I did not want to get in the boat, moreover, I afraid of sailing and falling off the edge.. don’t know how to swim either. I am a coward fish!.

Just a few minutes later the man came up to me, and said, “OK, give me two Shekels per person.” Rose and Mohi got cheerful, but I felt confused. we got in the boat. I sat beside Mohi afraid, saying, “Mohi, habibi, please, take care of me.”

The man started driving the boat leaving the beach, the sand was disappearing, and people’s heads was shrinking and getting smaller that they sounded like chestnut grains.

The waves was rough and the boat was swinging from side to side, I felt dizzy, and I regretted that adventure.. Suddenly a huge wave struck our boat, we was about to drown, clung to my brother.. But it went alright. I was wet as wet could be with seawater from head to toe, I tasted a salt water in my mouth,  .. Two young men were sitting opposite me, smiled at me, one of them said “Are you okay,” I  said no word.

As the boat was approaching the beach, I regained my strength,  my hand dared  to stretch out down the boat to touch the Blue Wave.

When we got out of the boat, I wanted to shout, “People, I’m still alive!”. I was know that people will laugh at me.. I was very wet, I felt like the salt stung my skin.. the waves over the horizon looked like that rough wave.

” The sun sets, my body dries up, lonely child walks by Gaza beach.. Why?, ya allah why this child feels sad or hopeless, and why this sea is angry .. Very angry.”

4 thoughts on “Why was Gaza Sea angry ?

  1. I think perhaps sailing is not your favourite hobby. 😀 Haha! But perhaps it was not angry – the sea can decieve us – angry at the surface and still and silent below, peaceful, dark and cold……but I am glad you got to shore safely! Saltwater does not taste very good…

    The only problem with a world of blue, is people would forget how beautiful green can be…or brown, or black, white, red, yellow, purple…..


  2. Dear Kawther. I reread this and loved it the second time even more. I loved how visual and specific it is. Evocative. I saw the sea and waves and the horizon, the boat hit by a big wave, you getting all drenched in sea water. Powerfu. The angry sea. I love this line: “There, the sea was very stunning, it could entices you to draw, or to sing, or even to make love.” And also how you put your hand in the water at the end to feel the water. The fear, and overcoming the fear. Gorgeous. Keep up the good work, your big heart and open mind. What great imagination, inspiration and wisdom you have. WRITE MORE! 🙂


  3. PS: Also, it’s nicely “Structured” though you probably didn’t plan it this way. The opening, wanting to go the sea but it’s too hot. And then going, afraid to go on the boat, almost releived to NOT go when 2 sheckels is not enough, then ending up going, FACING your fear — The Big Wave — and returning back safe… and courageous to touch the water with your hand. Loved also the two boys on the boat who ask you how you are….
    Thank you for your tender, delicate writing,


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