Prayer For Palestine!

I am very concerned and confused.Tomorrow, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will be heading to the United States to declare Palestine as an independent and recognized Nation State. I feel very anxious about it, and very excited for tomorrow, afraid that the Security Council will use the United Nations veto, to ruin the dreams of many Palestinians .

Up to now, 130 countries recognized the State of Palestine, and that number is more than two thirds of UN member states, this is the percentage which perfectly required for getting the membership of the international organization. Now the decision rests with the United States!. I wish Obama will retract his declaration that he will use the USA veto against Palestine.

Recognition for Palestine means that the Palestinians have rights such as ” the right of return” ( the right of Palestinians whom were expelled from their homeland by the Israeli occupation in 1948, to return to their homes) .. This will turn the status of Palestinian prisoners in occupation jails into prisoners of war. It will also change the Palestinian territories from a disputed territories to an occupied territories under international law and will provide space for a Palestinian state to join the international war crimes tribunal to punish Israel for the senseless war in Gaza ( Operation Cast Lead ), and other bloody crimes.

I’ve been waiting for the world to realize that Palestine is a real state, not an illusion, Palestineis a tangible land and is not a fictitious homeland. It is not just a map we draw on paper and say, “Here we live. ” . Palestine consists of cities, villages, sun, sea, streets, forests, mountains and much more that. Palestineisn’t just a word the world erased, and wrote instead, “Israel.”

Dear America, leave us with our dreams.
Please pray for us tomorrow, friends .. Pray for peace in Palestine.

Written by: Kawther AbuHani.
Edited by: Dale Robers, California. Hamish Montgomery, UK. 

2 thoughts on “Prayer For Palestine!

  1. Kawther dear, my heart is with you. I was conflicted because there were so many different views on this issue. I had heard many American Palestinians and people on the Electronic Intifada saying that other refugees who did not live in Palestine would not be able to return if Palestine was recognized as a state because they were not born there. I think that many do not want it to happen for that reason but I see that it is essential for any kind of forward movement and now that I see your plaintive cry for justice, please know that I have been supporting you all this time–just trying to figure out the best way to do so.


  2. beautifully written!! I am completely supportive of Palestine's call for statehood. The time is WAY overdue. You deserve the respect given to a state. It's obvious that the reason you are being denied statehood is so Israel can get away with crimes against you. As you said, they would officially become "war crimes". I have been to Israel and was told that Gaza, the West Bank and the Sinai are all just parts of Israel. If they believe that, then they believe they can do what they want there and no one can say anything. We both know this is NOT true – but if they can deny Palestinian statehood, then they can keep getting away with their crimes. I hope and pray that justice will soon be given to Palestinians and you will get the official recognition that is yours to have. It would restore a measure of dignity to the Palestinian people that is much needed. You have suffered for much too long. It's time to make this right.


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