A Happy Death !

“I  don’t like that I was born at a Swedish hospital “, I was hallucinating, then I wouldn’t to stop tossing and turning.. I felt like I’m going to die.

I wore my clothes quickly then my father took me to the hospital. They put me in a very bad room, my breath dropped slowly from my lungs, almost I suffocating .. I thought that the doctors were hiding in a corner.. there waiting for me to die .. No one in the room, my father looking for a nurse, but they were busy in other rooms with other patients.. What a hospital!, they don’t  take a good care of the sick one. I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t, because I felt a very bad pain in the middle of my chest, which spread, and a dizzy such I sink into a huge storm.. I could hear a woman screaming in the next room, call out for the doctors, and in other rooms there were children screaming..

I felt as if I’m in hell .. I felt like I’m in those hospitals that had cared for the wounded persons transported during the America’s war in Vietnam, where rats were running under the beds, the wounded getting more bad injury due to that ill-attention .. Like that I was, at the dark night. I wreaked my curse upon the doctors, they were such a physicians wars, lacks humanity .. my breath choked, my father were still looking for a doctor, then after all, a doctor came with surly face, not smiling at all, he came just such a blind and a dumb, he placed the stethoscope on my chest stupidly and said, “Nothing, your breathing is well.” .. And I was choking, he lied, I was really suffering from dyspnea. The doctors here are paralleling the doctors in Israel, to take well care of you, you must bribe them a large sums of money!.

 My health was deteriorating more and more, so I preferred to die at home better than to die at that hospital, the idea that you’ll die in a dirty hospital, the idea that you’ll die between a stupid doctors, the idea that you’ll die in a place you does not love him .. This is the “Perdition“.

I went home, washed myself from the smell of the hospital, the water poured down my body.. I would love to peel my skin to get rid of the trace of that stethoscope.
Now, I’m fine and my health is excellent, the birds eat the crumbs of bread from my hand and fly near my balcony !

6 thoughts on “A Happy Death !

  1. chilling experience and chilling writing. the last line is so refreshing and delightful that it beguiles the whole horrible hospital scene. to me that is a sign of good writing. i don't know how you found my blog but welcome. ♥kj


  2. I'm glad the birds are there by the balcony… after the ordeal.As KJ said above, I also wonder how you found my blog, and welcome… thank you for following, I'm always happy to see new people there.I cannot begin, or only very slightly, the reality of Gaza. In 2007 I was in Lebanon and Syria for two weeks, but even after seeing Sabra and Chatila, and other camps in Sidon and Tripoli, and visiting Qana, I think Gaza is still something else again. I hope someday there will be peace in all these places and that people may travel freely and in tranquility to meet others, to give and receive hosipitality. Today this is only a dream. But maybe if enough people dream such dreams, some day they may come true.


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